The Brainiac with Bookworm

How exciting!!!  A collection for all of your school memories.

As you may remember, I am new to the scrapbooking part of papercrafting.  I have a pile of my kids’ school memories that need to get into books.  I am not overwhelmed by the process. I figure I will let the paper “speak” to me.  That is exactly what this Bookworm Collection did to me.  It spoke to me when picking a photo.  My daughter spoke to me as well!  When I showed her the picture that I decided on she said, “really Mom, you couldn’t have picked another picture that made me look less dorky?”.

It was harder to decide what sheets of paper to use from this great line! I played around with different combinations until I was happy with what ended up on my workspace.

Bookworm 1

As you also know, I like different layouts. I love highlighting just one photo on my page and love layering embellishments. With the Bookworm Mat Pack and Bookworm Embellishments and the Bookworm Stickers, it made my love of layering so easy.

The trickiest part to my layout was figuring out how to cut the lined paper. I will do my best to describe my technique.

Using the 12×12 Custom Cutting System Mat, I lined up my paper from the bottom left side approximately an inch up with the 45 degree mark on the 12×12 Custom Cutting Mat, I lined up a ruler and made a light pencil line to the top of the page.  I then made another light pencil line approximately 6 1/2 inches from the left side of the top of the lined paper and trimmed the paper to have an odd shape of paper for my layout.  Be sure to erase any pencil marks left behind.  Or don’t…it could actually work with the Bookworm paper line!

Bookworm 7

Here is the back of my layering. I used the Repositionable Tape Runner (a must for every crafter) and played around with different angles until I was happy with the outcome.

Bookworm 8

So here is my “dorky” beauty Jessica.  She is nineteen now and has just started her electrical trade at our local Thompson Rivers University.  Time sure does have a way of flying by, and I am ever so grateful for the pictures that help bring you back in time.

Remember Creativity is Contagious…Pass it On!

Happy Crafting.




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  1. It is such a cute photo! Laugh and enjoy how you have featured it on that perfect paper! Love, love, love the layout!

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