10 Must-Haves for a Crop


Have you been invited to a “crop”, or a scrapbooking retreat?

Depending on the length of the event we often times find ourselves wondering what we need to bring with us.  We can so easily get side-tracked and want to take half of our possessions with us.

Take a step back and simplify.  There are only 10 items that you should have.  And, if you are missing one or two don’t panic as I am sure that one of your “crop” neighbors will have just what you are needing.  And “crop” neighbors tend to be some of the nicest “folk” out there.

Recently I had the pleasure of traveling to northern MN to attend a “crop” with Creative Memories Advisors Sherry Bisek and Leslie Hauge.  Their guests helped me-to help you- know what you should bring with you.

10.  Adhesive

Whether is it your Tape Runner with vellum, repositionable, or mini refills; a Precision Point Adhesive Pen, or Foam Squares (my favorite)–you must have a way to adhere your photos to your layouts.


9.  Refill Scrapbook Pages-White, Spargo, Natural, Black; Multi Pocket or Large Pocket Pages

Having a base in which to create or tell your story on is imperative.  Just like an artist needs a blank canvas.


8.  Dual-Tip Pens and Pen Pouch

How else could we tell our story if we didn’t have a tool to write with.  The simple Black or Brown pens will tell any story, or add in the Pen Pouch and create the rainbow.


7.  2-Way Corner Rounder

Want to change up your photo corners?  You can give your photo or paper corners a little flare with different looks.



6.  Scissors

You never know when you might need a handy scissors.  It’s like having to have a hammer or screwdriver in your garage workshop.  It is a staple.  Whether it is to hand-cut a photo or create a ribbon, you will always want to have this beautiful blue handled tool with you at all times.



5.  Multi-Purpose Tool

This little tool is magic.  True magic.  You don’t understand it’s importance until you use it.  It is the perfect tool for placing the flat end under a photo if it needs to be gently lifted back up.  It is also great for placing very small gems or stickers in its perfect place on your projects using the pointed tip of the tool.



4.  Custom Cutting System with Circles, Ovals, Squares/Rectangles, or Gemstone Patterns

We all love to add some sort of shapes to our projects.  Circles, ovals, hearts, hexagons, rectangles, squares, and diamonds—take your pick.  The Custom Cutting System can do it all with patterns and three small rotating blades. This is even great for any school-age child who is working on creating a class project.



3.  The Original Border Maker System with Border Maker Cartridges

Now we are getting serious!  If you are a project-maker–this will need to be in your cropping bag.  It has 2 basic pieces that allow you to create many borders- along an edge or free-standing- with numerous offerings of cartridges.



2.  Trimmer; Personal or 12-Inch Straight

The Personal Trimmer is the perfect size and has a wonderful storage drawer under it to place items like blades, scissors, pens, and the Corner Rounder.  This is the trimmer you will want to use for cutting your photos.

The 12-Inch Straight Trimmer is a must if you are cutting any sized papers.  It has the markings on the unit for measuring exact cuts, as well as the guides for creating angled pieces.


1. Photographs

None of the above products are any good without a pile of photos and LOTS of stories and memories to share.  Your photos will evoke all the feels of the memories.  Make sure to tell YOUR story–future generations will be grateful.  Don’t leave those photos on your phones or in social media only.  Print them.  Put them in your albums–simple or fancy, tell your story.


Anything else you wish to take is EXTRA.  Pack accordingly to save yourself some hauling once you get there.  No need to carry the heavy albums.  Create on your pages, and then add them to your albums when you get home from your event.  No need to take every piece of paper you have ever purchased (I would need a U-Haul).  Plan ahead and only take the papers and embellishments that will go with your layouts/photos.

We hope this guide will help make your future outings to crops and retreats a little less physically exhausting, so you can sit comfortably while you create away!

Happy Creating,


7 thoughts on “10 Must-Haves for a Crop

  1. I always take too much. I try to cut down and think “Oh what if I need that”. I don’t use it all. Thanks for the suggestions. I have been scrapbooking for over twenty years and love it.

  2. I always use my Power Layout box and preplan a lot of pages with my papers, embellishments and photos. I take that box and my bag with my tools to the crop and maybe pack a few extras in the car if I get more done than I planned. It saves carrying a ton of things that never get used and gives me more scrapbooking time. I usually pack cardmaking items as well so I can switch off and get some quick projects done.

  3. I have to add one thing: if you’re going to use the large (12 x 12) pocket pages, you’re going to need cardstock or paper to adhere your photos to.

  4. Another vote on power layout! Combining them with project recipies can get your album done fast, easily and with style! So glad PL box is back!

  5. Paper and embellishments! Are a MUST! Now the trick is to pare down the amount of paper and embellishments you bring!

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