Texture Paper Packs: Stone, Cloth and Timber Combined Digitally

Even in digital the Textile Paper Packs have a great feel to them. So many different uses for these paper packs and they work so well together! The colours and the textures compliment each other fantastically. Let’s dive into some digital scrapbooking!

What you’ll need to create these digital scrapbooking layouts:

2017 Pages - Page 036

To create this first digital layout, you will want to create different size triangles and piece them together, but not touching. These triangles are rotated slightly and not evenly spaced. Then add a stitching line on each one. Add a shadow to each triangle so it stands out from the background. Add a freehand stitch line to anchor your words.

textiles 2

For the second digital layout, I incorporated the Digital Gallivant Kit to create a fun layout to feature photos from our stay-cation at Medford Beach!

2017 Pages - Page 037.jpg

To start, add 16 squares to the page by making one and copy and pasting so they are all the same size. Space them evenly by using the Arrange tool and then group all of them together. This allows you to increase or decrease the size without having to do each one individually. Rotate the grouped element 45 degrees.

Add heavy shadows on the squares, flatten and add the shadow again.  You can repeat this as much as you like to get the look you want.  Make a dotted stitch mark and copy and paste this so you only have to make it once and they will all be the same.  Place these between the squares.

textiles 3

Repeat arrow embellishment across the bottom of the page and add a shadow to pop it off the page.

Have fun mixing your Textiles together to see what new looks you can design!


11 thoughts on “Texture Paper Packs: Stone, Cloth and Timber Combined Digitally

  1. I don’t do digital but these are so cool and easy to do manually. The triangle layout would look good with western prints like bandana paper and my rodeo pictures!!!!

  2. thank you c. m. for the timber, stone and cloth paper packs. i just did our church’s men’s retreat from last fall and used some of the stone and timber papers really a welcome addition for masculine pages

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