Learn a NEW Scrapbook Technique with the Double Wave Tearing Tool

Looking for a new scrapbook tool or technique to freshen up your layouts? We have just the thing for you… the NEW Double Wave Tearing Tool! This unique scrapbooking tool creates flawless torn edges for scrapbook layouts and borders. Intrigued? Let’s take a look!

LittleLamb-Creative-Memories-Blog1What You’ll Need to Create This Layout: 


Use a piece of light pink patterned paper as the base for this layout.

Using the Double Wave Tearing Tool, tear several strips of paper using the large wave.

Cut a piece of the White Cardstock to measure 5″ x 12″. Adhere the strips of paper on top of each other so the waves are offset. Cover the strip of White Cardstock. Use either a Straight Trimmer or scissors to remove any excess paper from the edges of the Cardstock. Use your thumb to curl up the edges of the waves to give it dimension. Take a look at this technique in the video below!

Using the Double Wave Tearing Tool, tear two strips from the small wave. Adhere to the back sides of the White Cardstock. Adhere the entire piece of White Cardstock to the left-hand side of the layout.

Cut two pieces of White Cardstock to measure 4-1/4″ x 5-1/2″. Adhere to the layout using Foam Squares. Cut two pieces from the mint colored paper to measure 4″ x 5-1/4″. Adhere to the top of the Cardstock. Adhere two photos that measure 3-3/4″ x 5″ to the mint paper.

tearing-tool-scrapbook-layout-2018-creative-memories3 (1).jpg

Adhere stickers and embellishments as desired, using Foam Squares on some for dimension.

The projects and layouts are endless with the Double Wave Tearing Tool! Comment below and tell us what you think!

9 thoughts on “Learn a NEW Scrapbook Technique with the Double Wave Tearing Tool

  1. I love the tearing tools – the old CM ones and the new CM tools. This layout inspires me to get out the old ideas for the new tools!!!!

  2. A beautiful layout – but cardstock? Has CM changed their “no acid” policy? Sure it is covered so no pictures directly touch the acidic cardstock – but why risk it when there are so many other options of using an acid free base? Use CN paper underneath – Use acid free paper from another source – sacrifice an extra CM album page in place of the cardstock. Why do you even need it to be cardstock if you are adhering it to the album page? I stick with CM specifically for the acid free nature of all components of my album. I would not use cardstock.

    1. Hi Patti, we use our cardstock as liberally with photos as we do our designer paper because our cardstock is pH neutral (acid-free), lignin-free and buffered. It’s also environmentally friendly: produced from sustainable forecast and chlorine-free!

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