An Essentials Geometric Scrapbook Idea You’ll Love

If you have a penchant for patterned, brightly colored papers, you’ll love the Essentials Tone-on-Tone Paper Pack. It’s full of quirky, geometric, primary-toned goodness that is as versatile as it is fun. It was the simplicity and beauty of the Essentials collection that inspired today’s fantastic geometric scrapbook layout; the creative angle cuts and clever paper placement to create a unique graphic backdrop for your latest fun photos. No matter what type of photos you want to use this layout for, this Essentials classic scrapbook layout is a great choice for your project.

To create this layout, you will need:


Step 1: Trim several 1-inch wide strips of Essentials Tone-on-Tone Paper in assorted colors.

Step 2: Align your paper strips along the underside of the 45-degree angle line on your 12-inch Trimmer, trim the tip off the paper (top two photos above). Then flip the strip over, again line up the strip under the 45-degree angle, and align the pointy tip of the paper with the 3-inch measurement. You will end up with trapezoid-shaped paper strips and will need 24 of these strips total. Note: Keep your scraps!


Step 3: Position your first 16 shapes on the White Cardstock and adhere. They are tricky to align when adhering, so the Repositionable Tape Runner is helpful with this process. Experiment with the side of the paper you’d like to show on this layer; I liked showing the solid-color patterns.


Step 4: Position eight full-sized trapezoid-shaped strips in a way that they’re zig-zagging down the center of the layout. Select eight off-cut scraps and position them at the left and right sides of the layout; any excess that overlaps the edge can be trimmed off later. Experiment with the patterns and color combinations you show. Once you’re happy, adhere all your pieces to the layout.


Step 5: Trim two 1/2″ x 12″ strips of the black-star paper and adhere vertically on the page as shown. These strips will help to hide any alignment boo-boos as well as draw focus to the photos that will be placed on the page.

Step 6: Trim a 4″ x 6″ photo into a diamond shape. Measure 2 inches on the top of your photo (the middle of the photo), aligning the top edge with the 45-degree angle mark, and your 2-inch measurement with the blade on your trimmer and crop. Rotate the photo around and line up the angle you just cut with any horizontal marking as shown, and crop to form a point at the top of the photo. Repeat this process with the bottom of the photo. Adhere in the center of the layout. Another option is to crop two smaller diamond photos (see the blue shaded areas in the example above for placement).


Step 7: Adhere stickers using Foam Squares on some for added dimension and your journaling!

As you can see, the Essentials collection provides endless inspiration for different layouts, looks and ideas! What other paper packs would you try this layout with? Comment below!


10 thoughts on “An Essentials Geometric Scrapbook Idea You’ll Love

  1. I love the first step! After that, it’s too busy for me. I like fitting as many pics on a page as possible and would love to see some layouts that focus on 3 – 6 pics on a spread. :-)

    1. Stopping after step 1 suits my style best as well. To get more pictures on the page, try putting pictures in each of the diamond quilt-like areas and in the center. I would use the triangular spaces for journaling.

    2. I agree! And I always wonder why they start with cardstock for the background (in this case, white) when it could be done on the album page. It makes for a very heavy photo album and you can’t get as many pages in the album. I am all for getting as many pictures on a page and try to get a refill in one album, as well. In this instance, all that busyness detracts from the photo. I get it–the idea is to sell more paper packs (which is not a bad idea)!

  2. I also love the first step and would stop then. The end result is way too busy for me. But love all the great ideas.

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