Make a Beautiful Flip Book Project using Peekaboo Pockets™

Peekaboo Pockets™ are a great way to add photos to your layouts and projects in unique and creative ways. They allow you to stack photos and mats on top of one another to create multi-layered projects with a variety of photos and decorations. They’re awesome for scrapbooking, but that’s not all you can do with them! In today’s post, learn how to create a flip book craft from blog contributor Wendy. Happy reading!

Wendy’s Inspiration:

A fun way to share photos with loved ones and friends is to make them a Peekaboo Pockets™ mini book — AND they make great gifts! Use the Season’s Greetings collection mats, stickers and embellishments to create stocking gifts for your family members or share with family and friends after the holidays are over. The ideas are limitless and can be used with any collection throughout the year!

Peekaboo Pockets™ Mini Book Idea by Wendy Thomas – CM Independent Advisor

I made a grandma’s brag book so I can carry around my grandchildren and share my favorite photos in a second, rather than scrolling through the hundreds on my phone. I used the Locally Grown mini book as a recipe book. Autumn is my most favorite season of the year and I was delighted to use the Gather Together collection to create a book celebrating fall hikes, pumpkins, Halloween and Thanksgiving memories. I also created a book for my husband that captures some of our summer getaways we shared this year. It will replace giving an anniversary card as we celebrate 35 wonderful years together!

To create this Peekaboo Pocket™ mini book, you will need:

instructionsStep 1: Choose if you are going to use horizontal or vertical pockets and then select your photos and mats for each page.



Step 2: Find the front of the pocket where it opens. The adhesive is on the back. Take off the clear strip and attach to the front of the second pocket. Continue until they are now your “mini-book.”

Step 3: Add a 6-1/4″ sticker strip or washi tape to the front top pocket.

Step 4: Add photos and mats to fill your mini Peekaboo Pocket™ photo book.

Step 5: Finish by adding stickers, embellishments and journaling as desired.

These mini books are easy to mail in a 7-1/4″ x 5-1/4″ envelope! I will look forward to Valentine’s, birthdays, graduations and many more mini books in the new year. How will you use this mini scrapbook idea? Let us know in the comments below!

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    1. Wendy this is a very cute idea. I live near Green Lakes as well. Your photo is eye beautifully catching.

  1. Such a sweet idea, and great additional way to use Peek A Boo Pockets (one of my new favorites!)

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