Raise the Stakes and Tell Your Stories with this Fun Two-Page Scrapbook Layout

Sometimes, you have a story or a moment that is so grandiose that you can’t fit everything onto one page. Thankfully, blog contributor Nicole has a solution for this problem. She was able to take the Imagine That! collection and create a beautiful two-page scrapbook layout that fits a multitude of photos and memories. Check out how Nicole was able to take a fun afternoon and turn it into memories that will last for years to come!

Nicole’s Inspiration:

Now that I carry a camera in my pocket, I find that not only do I take more pictures than I used to, but I take many more photos of each event. That often means that I’m trying to fit lots of pictures on one layout.  These photos are from the day after Christmas last year when we were playing with a fun new game my husband bought, technically for our daughter, but in reality, I think he wanted it the most! Everyone was making such funny faces, and we never knew when they’d get splattered with the whipped cream, that I couldn’t choose which photos were my favorite, so decided to use them all!

ImagineThat_ContributorLayout (2).jpg
Layout by Nicole Soh – CM Independent Advisor

To create this layout, you will need:

  • Imagine That! Paper Pack
  • Imagine That! Variety Mat Pack
  • Imagine That! Stickers
  • Imagine That! Embellishments
  • Beige, Goldenrod & White Cardstock
  • Original Border Maker System with the Star Banner Chain BMC
  • Black Dual-Tip Pen
  • Tape Runner with Repositionable Tape Runner Refill
  • Foam Squares

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  • I don’t like to use the zoom feature on my phone because I feel like the quality of photos isn’t as good, plus then it gives me the chance to crop my final photos! These pictures were perfect for cropping because there was so much background, so I was able to crop each one into a 2-3/4″ square. I mixed up the cropped photos with a few squares of designer paper.
  • Use two pieces of Beige Cardstock for the base of the layout. Use the camera patterned paper to cut two 2″ wide strips. I chose to trim 1/8″ off these so I could have a little border along the bottom and outside edge. Adhere to the edge of your base.
  • Arrange your photos/paper squares as desired, leaving an equal gap between all the squares and the border strip at the bottom (about 1/8″). Once you are happy with the design, adhere the photos, using the edge of the border and the edge of the base paper to keep them straight. You may want to use Repositionable Adhesive to do this so you can make sure the photos line up the way you want.
  • Using the Star Banner Chain BMC and cut two borders from the blue chevron patterned paper and two from Goldenrod Cardstock. Using your Repositionable Tape Runner, adhere the goldenrod borders to the top section of the page, with the stars just barely touching the top of the photos. Then, attach the blue chevron borders, offsetting them slightly so the goldenrod gives a little shadow effect.
  • The squares of designer paper make a great spot for adding journaling. You can use all of them or just one. I cut my White Cardstock to measure 2-1/2″ wide, wrote my journaling, and then cut wherever I finished writing, so the white pieces aren’t necessarily square, which I think gives visual interest to an otherwise very regimented layout.


  • I loved the “Making Memories” card in the Variety Mat Pack, but couldn’t make it work on the layout, so decided to cut out the words, mount that on the blue chevron paper, and attach with Foam Squares to the border strip along the bottom of the layout.
  • Because we were using whipped cream, I decided to “steal” the frosting from the cupcake die cut in the embellishments pack. I pulled it off the base and attached it with Foam Squares to one of the journal boxes. The “fun starts here” is a sticker attached with Foam Squares and the “YAY” embellishment seemed like the perfect thing to add to the title at the bottom! Finally, I added the star gems from the embellishment pack to random stars in the top border.

We can’t promise you that you won’t have to worry about being splattered with whipped cream when making this fun two-page scrapbook layout. But, we can promise that you’ll have all sorts of room for photos, stickers and embellishments if you utilize the two pages correctly! What types of ideas would you use to bring this layout to life? Let us know in the comments below!

7 thoughts on “Raise the Stakes and Tell Your Stories with this Fun Two-Page Scrapbook Layout

  1. Very clever! I loved how you used a lot of pictures and still kept the page from seeming overly cluttered. I think leaving space between the pictures and using the beige as the background helped give the pages a “clean” look. Your thoughtful use of the embellishments is perfect. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wonderful spread! I just ordered the digital collection last night. Now I can put your ideas to work :-)

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