The Adventures Never End with Explorer Outdoor Scrapbook Layouts

Everyone knows that the best adventures in life happen in the great outdoors. There is so much to explore out in the world around us, and all that exploration means that you’ll have tons of photo opportunities. Looking for a way to take these photos and transform them into exciting outdoor scrapbook layouts? Check out this example of how you can use Explorer to create adventure scrapbook layouts that bring your outdoor photos and memories to life!


To create this layout, you will need:

  • Explorer Paper Pack
  • Explorer Stickers
  • Majestic Mountains Border Punch
  • 12-inch Trimmer
  • Tape Runner
  • Repositionable Tape Runner Refill
  • Foam Squares
  • Black Dual-Tip Pen

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Step 1: Use the brown wood paper as your base. Trim a piece of red patterned paper to measure 11″ x 11″. Adhere it to the base at a slight angle. Trim a piece of cream patterned paper to measure 10-1/8″ x 10-1/8″. Adhere it to the red square.

Step 2: Cut a piece of green plaid paper to measure 9-1/2″ x 5-1/2″. Then, tear one of the short sides of this piece. Adhere to the top of the cream piece as shown.

Step 3: Punch a border with the Majestic Mountains Border Punch with both the blue and green papers and trim to measure 1-1/2″ x 10-1/8″.


Step 4: Cut a piece of the varied border paper to measure 10-1/8″ x 2-7/8″, making sure to use the portion of the paper shown. Adhere this piece to the bottom of the cream square. Using the Repositionable Tape Runner, adhere the mountain borders on top of the varied border paper piece, slightly overlapping the blue with the green as shown.


Step 6: Add a few stickers to the lower left side of the layout. Adhere the “Leave Nothing But Footprints” sticker with Foam Squares.

Step 7: Add two 4″ x 5″ photos on the green plaid piece and journal as desired.

Endless adventure awaits you when you create outdoor scrapbook layouts with the Explorer collection. Now that you’ve seen it, which part of this collection do you like best? Comment below, we’d love to hear from you!


10 thoughts on “The Adventures Never End with Explorer Outdoor Scrapbook Layouts

  1. I love the mountain punch. Perfect because I’m making a scrapbook about camping. I love the layout.

  2. I am going to LOVE this set!! Married 50 years and 30 of them were with vacations to the Rocky Mountains!! I have a lot of SBing to catch up on and CM has been a wonderful helper!!!!!!

    1. Just what I needed, My family lives in western Montana and spend much time outside enjoying that country.

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