Create Simple, Yet Stunning DIY Cards for Any Occasion!

Who says you need a special occasion to send someone a card? With the right papers and a little bit of creativity, you can create a card that’s appropriate for any event, celebration or occasion! Want to see an example? Blog contributor Noreen recently took on the challenge of coming up with some DIY card ideas that are as versatile as they are striking — check them out!

Noreen’s Inspiration

Although I love browsing Pinterest and Instagram for beautiful card ideas, sometimes I just need a card formula that’s quick and easy to make. It’s the crafter’s equivalent of having that little black dress tucked away in your closet: You can always rely on it and you KNOW that it will be perfect the next time you pull it out! Take a look!


To create this card you’ll need:

Step 1: With the Straight Blade in the 12-inch Trimmer, cut a piece of Black Cardstock to measure 8-1/2″ x 5-1/2″. Switch out the Straight Blade with the Scoring Blade, and with the 8-1/2″ side at the top of the 12-inch Trimmer, score the cardstock at 4-1/4″. Fold it in half along the score line and smooth it with the Multi-Purpose Tool to create the card base.

Step 2: Place the Straight Blade back into the 12-inch Trimmer and cut a 3-3/4″ x 5″ rectangle from a piece of patterned paper. Cut this rectangle into four equal rectangles by gently folding each side and cutting along the fold line. Turn two of the rectangles over to show the pattern on the opposite side.

Step 3: Arrange the four rectangles evenly on the card base and adhere the outside corners of each to the card base with the Tape Runner and Repositionable adhesive.

Step 4: Fold the inside corners of each rectangle away from the middle of the card. You can fold as much as you like – the more you fold, the larger the diamond shape revealed in the center of the card will be. Make sure the edges of each folded triangle line up evenly with the ones on either side. Adhere each fold, then fully secure each rectangle to the card base with the Tape Runner.

Step 5: Use the Medallion Punch to punch one medallion from a piece of Platinum Shimmer Cardstock. Adhere the punched shape to the middle of the card using a small Foam Square. Use the Silver Metallic Dual-Tip Pen to fill in the white dot visible in the center of the Medallion.

And just like that little black dress in your closet, this card can suit any occasion! Simply change the cardstock shade or patterned paper, use a sticker or die-cut embellishment instead of a punched shape or add a self-adhesive gemstone to glitz it up! With a simple design like this, you’ll always be able to make a stunning card!

Which of these DIY cards can you not wait to try out? Do you have a little-black-dress idea you always turn to? Let us know in the comments below!

If you’d like to see more simple but stunning cards using these same materials, make sure to watch the Facebook Live segment Noreen did on the Creative Scrapbooker Facebook Page recently!

13 thoughts on “Create Simple, Yet Stunning DIY Cards for Any Occasion!

  1. Wow! Love the cards. I do feel it is important to have some “generic” cards on hand, so they can be sent at a moment’s thought. Thanks for your great ideas!

  2. thank you so much for the inspiration! I didnt have the papers you used, so used rainbow rush! with the same layout! Looks wonderful!

  3. Thank you for the amazing design! It is simple yet elegant. Right up my alley. I’m excited to start making cards!

  4. I couldn’t believe how quickly this card went together! It’s a great card because, depending on the papers used, it could be for a man or woman. And what a great way to use up those ever-present scraps!! 5 stars!! :~)

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