Weekly Sketch Round-Up Oct. 21-25

As if a Virtual Crop weekend full of sketch challenges wasn’t enough inspiration for you, we also posted four new sketches to our Instagram account this past week to help make your ideas realities! You’ll be carving out all kinds of time for crafting this week as these new projects spark even more creative energy! It’s time for the Weekly Sketch Round-Up!

Sketch #1

Let your pages bloom with this exclusive floral scrapbook layout and instructions in this blog post!

Sketch #2

Want to create this Christmas card for yourself? Get into the spirit of the season with directions in this blog post!

Sketch #3

Follow step-by-step instructions in this blog post and design this holly jolly layout!

Sketch #4

Check out another festive Christmas border and find more sketch inspiration in this blog post!

Between these and all the sketches posted during Virtual Crop this past weekend, there’s no shortage of scrapping stimulus out there for you! How much time will you be spending in your craft room this week? Let us know in the comments below!

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6 thoughts on “Weekly Sketch Round-Up Oct. 21-25

    1. You could use the 8 1/2×11 pocket pages. The staples match up to the 12×12 albums. If you use the larger pocket pages, you can add decorate on the sides of the pages

      1. I’ve used the 8.5×11 pocket pages for years to add either typed, long story pages or document pages (think children’s school awards, etc) to 12×12’s. They work beautifully, and none of them have ever pulled the staples out because of the weight of the paper inside. I suppose if you have an extra-long story, you could just divide the pages in two sections and use two pocket pages. To assure myself that the stories will be preserved, I use acid-free paper for my printer when printing long stories. For the same reason, I do not staple the pages together, as I don’t want the eventual rusting of the staple to mar the pages nor to damage the inside of the pocket page. Works like a charm!
        One product that CM made years ago were Ruled Pages, in all sizes. I wish they would bring these back, as it’s wonderful to have the stories written in your own handwriting, which is also a part of your history. Ruled Paper, in 10×12 size, used to be available also, which offered the same option. Maybe someday CM will bring these products back for us to be able to journal the story behind the story!

  1. Great suggestions! I, too, have used the 8.5×11 pages for journaling. In my Hawaii book I typed the daily trip verbiage in computer and printed on vellum and adhered to the page with in those days the frosted photo splits. Before I adhered though I put die cuts (like a palm tree or waves) on the page.

    As far as lined paper, when I ran out of the CM I made my own in excel. Print on photo safe paper. Works great!

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