Weekly Sketch Round-Up April 27-May 1

Were you able to get some scrapbooking done during the weekend of National Scrapbook Day? (We hope so!) We hosted a celebratory NSD 2020 Worldwide Virtual Crop, as well as the bonus NSD Happy Hour Virtual Crop, so this means you have plenty of inspirational layouts, sketches and projects to try out! Weren’t able to attend? No worries — we’ve got four sketches for you to take on this week! Here’s your Weekly Sketch Round-Up!

Sketch #1

This border will perfectly frame your layouts — instructions for it will be coming to the blog soon. Stay tuned!

Sketch #2

This layout strikes a pose, don’t you think? Get inspired from Sketch #2 and learn how to create it by reading this blog post!

Sketch #3

Two down, two to go — you ready for another stunning project to tackle? You’re in luck — find out more from this blog post!

Sketch #4

Feeling fun and playful? Then Sketch #4 could be up your alley! Check it out for yourself by reading this blog post!

Will you be taking on any of these sketches this week? If so, which ones? Let us know in the comments below!

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4 thoughts on “Weekly Sketch Round-Up April 27-May 1

  1. I RSVP for these virtual crops. I get the challenges and i can see everyone else’s posts on the facebook event page.I follow the blog. However, i cannot like or comment nor can I post anything of my own. i even followed the step by step instructions. My up line, Jacque Rolland can’t even figure out what the problem is.

  2. I had issues as well. After I went back on and selected allow notifications I could see a few of the posts.

  3. I never see any of mine that I post. I would like to see what folks are saying about my layouts. there has got to be a way to see the ones that we ourselves poist.

  4. Make sure your notifications are on, you’ll get notified when CM approves your post, when someone likes your post, when someone comments on your post. The bell icon on your screen will show a number everytime one of the above things happen then you click on the bell then click on the specific notification title. Then you’ll see the comments, who likes your post etc.

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