Get The 411 on Virtual Crops — UPDATED Version!

What supplies should you bring to a Virtual Crop? How many photos should you print? What prizes can you win? Oh yeah, and what is a Virtual Crop and how do you participate? Don’t worry — we’ve got you covered! We’ve put together the 411 on Virtual Crops so you’ll be prepared for when the festivities begin!

What Is A Virtual Crop?

A Virtual Crop is an online scrapbooking event where we give participants “challenges” to complete, and when you complete them and share them with us on the Creative Memories Virtual Crop Facebook Group, you will be eligible to win prizes!

What Supplies Should I Prep?

Lots of photos! Scrapbooking supplies we recommend include the Custom Cutting System, Original Border Maker System, 12-inch Trimmer and Tape Runner.

What Are Examples Of “Challenges”?

Challenges are single-page layouts and two-page spreads. We will post a sketch, and then you get to create it! Both traditional and digital layouts are accepted. Any album size is accepted — 12×12, 8×8, Happy Album, etc.

How Do I “Read” A Sketch?

Look for guidelines of where to place photos in a specific overall layout. Refer to the example above of a sketch on the left and the finished layout on the right. Check out more on how to read a sketch here.

The following gives examples of what each shape on a sketch layout could represent but remember — it’s up to YOU!

  • Dark rectangle or square boxes: Photos
  • Rectangle or square boxes: Papers or mats
  • Long rectangles or circles: Die-cut border embellishments, border stickers, BMC or border punch borders
  • Other shapes: Embellishments or stickers
  • Title: Large writing, large sticker with words or ABC Stickers
  • Journal or lines: Place for writing and to journal
  • Corresponding shades: Can suggest using the same designer paper, cardstock or mats

What Are Examples Of Prizes and How Are They Awarded?

Prizes are Creative Memories products! We’ve been known to award punches, paper packs, embellishments, cardstock, album covers and more. We award the prizes randomly, but to win, it must be evident that you have used the sketch we provide as inspiration to create a project using predominantly Creative Memories (new or old) products.

How Do I Participate?

Follow the simple instructions below or view step-by-step instructions.

  1. Join the Creative Memories Virtual Crop Facebook Group prior to the event (the sooner, the better!). You can find instructions on how to join here. Note: This is a Facebook Group and not a Facebook Event. Therefore, you only need to join once.
  2. At start time, log in to the Creative Memories Virtual Crop Facebook Group.
  3. Click on the “Featured” tab to view the pinned post for all of the challenges. The challenge number will be posted on each sketch.
  4. Click the link for the challenges, which will take you here — to our blog. (HINT: If you’ve subscribed to the blog already, the challenges will be emailed to you directly as all other blog posts are and you can skip this step.) The challenge instructions will be posted here on the blog. OR click on “Media” > “Albums” in the Facebook Group to view the sketches there.
  5. Complete the challenge(s).
  6. Take a picture of your completed challenge and post it on our Creative Memories Virtual Crop Facebook Group. Note: When submitting your challenge, be sure to create a new individual post for each challenge you have completed. Continue to refresh the page to see projects submitted by others.
  7. Admire everyone’s finished masterpieces, and hopefully you win a prize!
  8. You have the entire event to submit your projects for all challenges, but submissions must be received by 11:59pm CT on Tuesday (AU: 4:59pm AEDT on Wednesday) to be eligible for prizes!

Helpful Tips

  1. We will be using the same Creative Memories Virtual Crop Facebook Group for all upcoming Virtual Crops, so you only have to join once. In between events we will be pausing the commenting and moderating, but will continue to approve members who want to join.
  2. Make sure you add the hashtag for the challenge number AND month of the Virtual Crop to the caption/comments when you post. For example, if you are submitting Challenge #2 of the February crop, add #CMVirtualCrop2February2023 to your submission comments. BE SURE to include the hashtag so we can find your post when selecting winners.
  3. To see others’ posts without scrolling (as was required in the past), click on “Media”>”Photos” and the gallery with all submissions will appear.
  4. To see posts you or your friends have submitted, you can use the “Search” box on the left side of the group to type in the name.

We look forward to “virtually” seeing everyone at our next Virtual Crop! If you’ve attended a Virtual Crop in the past, what is the BEST advice you would give to a first-time participant? Comment below and let us know!

86 thoughts on “Get The 411 on Virtual Crops — UPDATED Version!

  1. Awwsome. I’m guessing this is to help with the people scamming the group? I didn’t even know another one was coming up. Thank you, as always.

  2. I truly never know if I am submitting my challenge entries correctly to be considered for the prizes. Hopefully, this newer format will help with that because I also seem to lose the feed.

  3. Would it be useful to have separate “Albums” for people to put their entries in for each virtual challenge. eg. Virtual Crop 30th May”

  4. Would be great to have all the dates of upcoming crops to be able to make sure I don’t work when they are on

    1. Hi Karlee – In the group you can see the upcoming dates:
      June 12-13 (Australia 13-14 Jun)
      July 10-11 (Australia 11-12 Jul)
      August 14-15 (Australia 15-16 Aug)

      1. Thank you for the dates for the upcoming crops!!! Planning ahead is soooo helpful ;)

      2. I thought a virtual crop was supposed to be today and tomorrow but I haven’t gotten any emails about challenges and I’m not seeing anything here on the blog… ?

    2. I’d like to see everyone be able to post their projects under the # of the project that they’re working on. It would keep all of the #1’s with the #1’s etc. Also it would enable us to get inspiration for a #project that we’re working on without having to scroll through everything to see a #1. Or is there a way to do this already? Thanks for these virtual scrapbooking weekends, I’m getting a lot done. ✌❤😷

  5. Please make a book with all the sketches in them. It would be so helpful and well worth the price.

  6. I love the virtual crops! I haven’t won a prize yet but a win A LOT of finished pages.

  7. I love that my CM Advisor also tells our group about these upcoming events. It really helps create that initial excitement! Make sure that you “follow” the event (submit your email address) to get the notifications. That’s critical. Our group also texts each other when we get a challenge completed to keep the momentum going. There’s going to be a delay between when you submit your picture and when it shows on the official page, so in addition to the post, share your page with your group for more immediate feedback. And use the hashtags so it’s easy to see which challenge you completed! Fun stuff.

  8. Thank you for sending these wonderful ideas for our layouts, and for having the virtual crops during this time.

  9. I believe I joined the Virtual Crop group, but haven’t received any emails to prepare for the projects. Please help.

  10. I’m not on Facebook for personal reasons. I am on Instagram. I believe I can post my layouts there with the appropriate hashtag? Also, where do I find the layouts on your website? Thank you! Tracey H

  11. I’d like to join. I’ll look around the Facebook group. Sounds like a lot of good resources.

  12. If you are not on Facebook, is there any other way to submit your page for prize consideration? Thank you.

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