Document COVID-19 in Your Happy Album With Quarantine Scrapbook Layouts

It’s no secret we’re living in uncertain and unprecedented times. While most people prefer to scrapbook the more positive times in life, it can be therapeutic to take a moment to commemorate any and all times (even unusual ones), such as the COVID-19 pandemic. Check out how blog contributor Krislyn Mattei has been filling up her Happy Album with monthly reflection pages in the form of quarantine scrapbook layouts!

Krislyn’s Inspiration

My Happy Album monthly-reflection photo journal has been my most treasured album project these past couple of years! I love its compact size and portability, and the variety of Happy Album Kits and accessories make this monthly project one I really look forward to. I’ve used it to record highlights from the previous month and count my many blessings.

I have to admit that when the COVID-19 pandemic struck the U.S. early this year, I wasn’t sure I wanted to fill my Happy Album with the details and emotions I was dealing with personally, especially since most of them were definitely not what I’d call “happy” or “highlights!” But the reality of the crisis consumed all my days and filled my thoughts, and I knew I wanted to record how the pandemic affected my life and I also needed a way to cope with the anxiety I was feeling. Even though our world turned upside down and fear gripped me, there were still many silver linings to be found. I felt the need to tell my personal story of this time, and I wanted to capture it in my Happy Album reflection journal.

To create layouts like these you’ll need:

There are a few guidelines I follow every month to help me create the pages easily and thoughtfully:

Step 1: I go through photos and print the most beloved. I like using my Canon Selphy printer. It allows me to create collage prints so I can get several small photos on one 4×6 piece of photo paper. I can then crop them into 1-1/2″ squares to fill the calendar squares.


Step 2: Fill in the dates of the month on my Happy Album Planner Kit pages and add photos and notes to some of the squares. Adhere the Planner Kit pages to the album pages.

Step 3: Flip to the next two-page spread and use it to zero in on a couple of the most important happenings or themes of the month. I use some leftover small pictures and then print some larger ones for these pages. I also comb the internet for memes that help to tell the story. I choose to create grid-like layouts for these pages to keep continuity throughout the album and to simplify the process each month. Adding titles and stickers helps to highlight the “themes” of the month. (For the layout below I used Happy Album Fast2Fab™ Refill Pages.)


Step 4: Journal about the month. Because there has been so much to journal about during this time, I’ve been using 4×6 Peekaboo Pockets™ on each of these pages. The stories are tucked behind the photos and really help me to document this time and how I feel. I’m always looking for the silver linings and try to keep that front and center in what I journal.


Step 5: Return to the calendar pages and decorate them, repeating a design element from the two-page layout. Then use the “Notes” section to fill in any remaining thoughts I’d like to record.


Here’s a look at the past few crazy months from my point of view:


I hope this gives you ideas of ways you can document this unprecedented time in history — YOUR history. How have you been documenting the past few months? Have you been creating any quarantine scrapbook layouts? Let us know in the comments below!

Stay safe and well, friends.


17 thoughts on “Document COVID-19 in Your Happy Album With Quarantine Scrapbook Layouts

    1. Janet, no, that wasn’t necessary. I just selected photos from my phone and they autofilled the slots on the collage print. I do also sometimes print these from Artisan–I set up a 6×4 project and create the sizes I want within that size and print with photo paper on my regular Canon printer. Hope that helps!

  1. I have the same Selphy as you but I don’t know how to make it print more than one 4×6 picture. I want to be able to print smaller prints also. Can u tell me how to do it.
    Thank you,

      1. Barbara, it’s a sticker from the Love Each Other Theme Pack.

    1. Darleen, you’ll want to download the Canon Selphy app from the App Store. There are instructions available there. The layout you want is the N-up Layout without borders. It will print 8 photos that are approximately 1-1/2×2 that you can crop square to fit in the calendar squares.

  2. I love what you did! I, too, have that Canon Selfie printer and love putting multiple pictures on a 4×6. I wish i had thought to do the happy scrap and log our journey thru covid-10. I would never remember now all the experiences we have had. But I love what you’ve done!!!

  3. Love what you did recording an event that we cannot ignore. People thought I was crazy to buy the CM Love Each Other Covid-19 package and scrap memories of the pandemic. However, I learned to appreciate a lot of things about my life and took the opportunity to journal those things as well as taking photos of some very normal things that I had never had the time to enjoy before!

  4. Dear Ms. Mattei,  I purchases a Cannon Selphy a couple of years ago just to create small collages. I couldn’t get it to work!  I am technologically challenged!  Could you please point me in the right direction to perform this task? Thank you in advance,Debbie

    Debra Hotaling

    1. Debra, you’ll want to download the Canon Selphy app from the App Store. There are instructions available there or at the Canon website. The layout you want is the N-up Layout without borders. It will print 8 photos that are approximately 1-1/2×2 that you can crop square to fit in the calendar squares.

      1. Krislyn, I have the Cannon printer like yours but I can’t get it to print small pictures. Can u help me? Thanks, Darleen Piascik

        Sent from my iPhone


  5. I used a CM 12 X12 album for my quarantine book and calendar pages to journal each day. I found myself creating activities that were fun for me and my family so I could add them to my scrapbook. I put the good and the not so good in my journaling. I found the process kept me focused on staying strong and seeing the good in my life. I love the finished product which I ended with an encouraging letter to myself.

  6. I really love this process and your layouts are beautiful! I’m excited to see those pocket flaps. That’s first on my next order. I’ve been documenting the pandemic, but have done it in the Persnickety COVID notebook. I will have to rethink my strategy and process. TFS

  7. Cannot believe I’ve found this blog post via Pinterest! I’ve just purchased a swag of Happy Album supplies to record the last few years in Happy Albums, these ideas are perfect for my 2020 one. And here I thought my journalling were going to be ditto, ditto, ditto! However you’ve opened up a whole new bunch of possibilities for me. Today in Melbourne Australia, Premier just announced Stage 4 lockdown will be extended until end of September!!!! I need to be creative for photo opportunities 😁

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