Weekly Sketch Round-Up Jan. 4-8

It’s been a busy week of scrapbooking — between the recent product launch and the first Virtual Crop of 2021, we’re guessing you have been spending quite a bit of time in the craft room! (Applause to you!) But, are you still craving some new projects to try out? If so, you’re in luck — we have four beautiful project ideas for you to try out in today’s Weekly Sketch Round-Up! (Psst, they all bring on some totally tropical thrills!)

Sketch #1

Sketch #1 is kicking it all off with a gorgeous layout! Learn more about it in this blog post!

Sketch #2

Vacation mode is definitely on in this stunner! Dive into this blog post to learn more about it!

Sketch #3

Are you loving the new Mandala Burst Border Punch? You’ll fall in love with it even more after you create this border (and others!) by checking out this blog post!

Sketch #4

If you want to bring this sweet card to fruit-ion, then stick around — easy-to-follow instructions will be posted on the blog shortly!

Which one of these sketches ignites the inspiration in you? Let us know in the comments below!

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7 thoughts on “Weekly Sketch Round-Up Jan. 4-8

  1. #1although there is many things going on I feel that with the what I have in my stash I could do one similar. #4 doesn’t leave much room for pictures.

  2. Why ‘wallpaper’ a page when it adds weight to the album? Shouldn’t your photos be the star of your page? #2 is about 50% of the page with pictures.

    1. I like the top row of pictures on #2. Maybe cut oval pictures without the split to put across the bottom section and eliminate some of the wallpapering? I rarely follow a layout 100% though. LOL!

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