Revel in Golden Hour Greatness With This Fall Scrapbook Idea

Thinking of getting some fall family photos done? You’re making a great choice! During autumn, diffused, warm and glowy light bounces off radiant orange, yellow and red leaves. And during the “Golden Hour,” a short window of time right after sunrise or right before sunset when the air is filled with a flattering amber hue, is a perfect backdrop to get outside and partake in photo ops! (Hint: And when you pair your luminous photos against a darker shade of cardstock like the example below, those golden hour memories are sure to pop!) Break out your comfy sweaters and get your camera ready — this fall scrapbook layout is a gourd one!

To create this layout you will need:

Step 1: Use Navy Solid Cardstock as the base of the layout.

Step 2: Adhere a burnt orange patterned 4-1/2″ x 6-1/2″ mat to the upper-right corner of the layout. Then, adhere the “Oh my gourd-ness” mat on top of the previous mat.

Step 3: Adhere a knitted 4-1/2″ x 6-1/2″ mat to the upper-left corner of the layout. Then adhere a 4″ x 6″ photo to an olive green 4-1/2″ x 6-1/2″ mat and adhere to the layout.

Step 4: Cut two mats to measure 4-1/2″ x 3″ and adhere to the bottom-right corner of the layout. Adhere two 4″ x 2-3/4″ photos to those mats.

Step 5: Cut a strip of burnt orange diamonds designer paper that measures 1-1/4″ x 6-1/2″ and adhere to the left of the previous mats/photos. Adhere a border sticker on top.

Step 6: Cut two mats that measure 4-1/2″ x 4-1/2″ and adhere them layered over each other in the bottom-left corner of the layout. Adhere a 4″ x 4″ photo to the top mat. 

Step 7: Adhere stickers to the layout, using Foam Squares on some for added dimension.

Step 8: Journal as desired.

Are you planning any fall family photos? What draws you in the most on this fall scrapbook layout? Share your insight with us — we’d love to hear from you!

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