Win Your Choice of 1 Paper Pack + 1 Sticker Pack + 1 Embellishments Pack: Virtual Crop Challenge #2

Friday, Nov. 12: 3pm, 5pm CT | Saturday, Nov. 13: 9am, 11am, 1pm CT

Can we just say, you all ROCKED Challenge #1. This month’s Virtual Crop is going to be a fun one indeed. Up next on the docket is Challenge #2… and it’s only fitting that it’s a two-page spread!

For a refresher on VC instructions, get all the details about Virtual Crops here.

Challenge #2

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NOTE: The Prize Pack will be awarded to one participant in each challenge. Valid only for products currently in stock (excludes products that are out of stock and expected to return and products that are not in house due to global shipping delays). We will award the prizes randomly, but to win, it must be evident you used the sketch we provided as inspiration to create a project using predominantly Creative Memories products. Prize winners will be announced on Thursday, Nov. 18, at noon CT.


TUTORIAL: Learn creative techniques to create texture and dimension on your layouts with CM Advisor Shannon Finn!

Created by Shannon Finn – Creative Memories AdvisorCanada

Collection Used: It’s Fall, Y’all or (Shop Canada | Shop Australia)

Want to try out the Virtual Crop digitally? Check out our demo of how to use Custom Albums, Custom Album Covers or Custom Refill Pages. When you complete the sketch, instead of snapping a photo of your layout, take a screenshot and submit it to the Virtual Crop Facebook Group. 

“Creativity is nothing but a mind set free.” Torrie T. Asai

2 thoughts on “Win Your Choice of 1 Paper Pack + 1 Sticker Pack + 1 Embellishments Pack: Virtual Crop Challenge #2

  1. The page is very pretty & I like the focus on photos & journaling. However, don’t all those dimensional pieces get flattened once put in a page protector and/or album? Especially after several other pages may be put on top, contributing weight?

  2. Good question! I store my albums upright, like books on a library shelf, and that way they do not get flattened. Use a sturdy CM design paper with a width of 1 1/2 or 2 inches to make the paper rolls sturdy and store album upright as mentioned.

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