Enjoy Life’s Everyday Moments With This Home Scrapbook Spread

Have you ever sat on your couch at home and scrolled and scrolled through your social media apps, not sure what to do with your time? Just because you’re at home doesn’t mean you can’t take meaningful pictures! Your abode is filled with unexpected photo opportunities and snippets of life. Cooking a new recipe. Playing card games. Making paper crafts or finger paintings with your kids. Throwing an indoor picnic. Enjoying a karaoke night. No need to wait for the posed shot or the perfect lighting — grab the moment as it is and treasure the little things! If you’re feeling inspired to seize the moment, then take a look at this two-page home scrapbook spread and let these everyday experiences be preserved as extraordinary experiences!

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Intertwining and Designing: Geometric Scrapbook Layout

Simplicity never goes out of style, but sometimes we crave extra interest and intrigue… which can be accomplished through Recipe Templates! Recipe Templates are scrapbooking stencils that serve as a guide to trace, cut and piece together a plethora of pretty projects in a snap. Today’s blog features the latest Quilted Knot Recipe Template, making way for an intricate, intertwining and clean line design. And when you pair it with some vibrant papers (like the Totally Tonal papers!), you’re in for eye-catching and professional-looking statements. (And definitely some “Oh my gosh, how did you do that?!” exclamations from people who flip through your albums!) See for yourself with blog contributor Sachiyo Omitsu’s geometric scrapbook layout idea!

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Celebrate Your Little One With This First Birthday Scrapbook Layout

While every birthday is a significant event, there’s something extra one-derful about celebrating a first birthday! (Doesn’t it seem like yesterday that the little darling was coming home from the hospital?!) After all the photos have been taken, presents opened and cake eaten (and the birthday boy or girl smears cake and frosting across their face!) it’ll be time to commemorate this milestone with a first birthday scrapbook layout!

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Astoundingly Aussie: Australia Scrapbooking Layout

Think of Australia, and some symbols, images and icons may come to mind — the red, hot and dry Outback, the drone of a didgeridoo, unique wildlife like koalas, kangaroos, platypuses, echidnas and emus, the vast Great Barrier Reef, green-and-gold achievements in sporting arenas and much more. And when you pair these sentiments with the latest Sunburnt Country Paper Pack (and the fact that the 26th of January is Australia Day!), you’re in for layouts that are astoundingly Aussie, like this Australia scrapbooking layout that is definitely high in koala-ty!

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Sketch Round-Up Jan. 10-23

Sketches are two-fold winning wonders… how so? Well, for one, you can develop stunning projects without having to go to the trouble of designing a page completely from scratch — the blueprints are right there for you to work off of! On the flip side, sketches also allow you the freedom to include whatever tickles your scrapbooking fancy and means most to you — little knick-knacks and memorabilia, handwritten stories, special photos and embellishments, stickers and borders that add a punch of personal pizzazz and signature style. Whichever side to sketches you lean toward (or maybe a combo of the two!), they’re a surefire way to get the creativity flowing! Let’s see what you put together with these innovative ideas below.

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Snuggle Into Storytime With This Infant Scrapbook Layout

Long before babies understand a single word, most li’l ones love to hear their parents, grandparents and siblings (and really, anyone!) read out loud. Storytime combines soft snuggles, bright and eye-catching pictures, fascinating voices and sounds, and of course, you! It’s a sweet and relaxing way to bond with baby. As an added bonus, a 2019 study found that babies who are read to every day are exposed to 78,000 words each year (or by the time they reach the five-year-old mark, around 1.4 million words cumulatively from storytime!), which could mean a positive impact on their future language skills! Well, let’s get comfy and creative, for it’s time to button up your memories like a cute onesie and make this so-in-love infant scrapbook layout!

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Make One-of-a-Kind Layouts with the Australia Map Recipe Template

Crikey! Have you seen the new Australia Map Recipe Template?! If you have ever visited Australia or have the pleasure of living there, it’s a must-have for making one-of-a-kind layouts like today’s project for your authentically Aussie memories! And with Australia Day right around the corner, there’s no time like the present to try it out!

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Two-Page Bundle of Joy: Newborn Scrapbook Spread

Our hearts are pitter-pattering and we’re cooing with delight — the latest collection, Lullaby Lane, is a complete bundle of joy! Inspired by the newest cute-as-a-button family member, these baby-themed scrapbooking supplies celebrate those big “firsts,” like first words and first tooth, as well as baby showers and baby announcements, cousin playdates, mealtime messes, splish-splashing fun in the bathtub and more. Swaddle your blissful baby beginnings with this two-page newborn scrapbook spread. (It’s pretty aww-dorable!)

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Take On the #2022JanuaryBONUS Challenge with Totally Tonal Duos

You know what’s tone-ally amazing? The new Totally Tonal Duos! These vibrant-meets-versatile products feature trending hues and designs to help facilitate simple coordination for your layouts with combinations spanning a rad rainbow spectrum.

The Totally Tonal Duos will be available throughout Q1 (while supplies last), but you won’t want to wait to get them because right now, when you purchase 8+ Totally Tonal Duo Paper Packs and/or Border Stickers, you can earn Prismatic Simple Cuts Paper Packs and Stickers FREE!

For promo details, visit: US | CA | AU
Also, we recently posted a blog that shows how to use the Prismatic Simple Cuts Paper Pack and Stickers — the freebies in this promo — that you’ll definitely want to check out!

Since we’re in the tone zone, it’s only fitting to have a #2022JanuaryBONUS challenge in the Virtual Crop Facebook Group featuring these Totally Tonal products (but hey, you can use ANY CM products you have on hand for this challenge!). Check out the sketch below and let your bright delights come to life!

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Channel Your Inner Homebody With This One-Page Home Scrapbook Layout

Break out the board games, build a blanket fort for a movie marathon, craft a DIY project, bake some treats… we are hunkering down at home, ready to relax and unwind (and to wear fuzzy jammies to really bring on the comfy vibes!). Day-to-day schedules can be full of busy, on-the-go to-dos, but today’s blog is all about kicking back and making memories at home! Have a go at this one-page home scrapbook layout and share the details of your delightful dwelling experiences!

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