Sketch Round-Up Aug. 8-21

Scrapbooking is all about coming up with ways to remember special times and stories — spotlighting photos you have printed over the years, preserving precious childhood drawings you can’t part with, showing off handwritten notes and memorabilia of all kinds, like invitations, programs, ticket stubs… you name it and more! They’re the chapters of your life (or of others if it’s a heartfelt gift)!

Well, to keep flourishing that preservation-meets-creation mojo, take a look at these sketches and be inspired to set aside an afternoon (or two or three!) to create lasting memories!

Sketch #1

Bright details and happy faces? Yes, please! Click here to see how to piece together this harmonious happening!

Sketch #2

You can totally do (or blue!) Sketch #2 — it’s easy to put together by following along to the steps in this blog post!

Sketch #3

Class is in session… for creativity! Make your way over to this post from last week to add A+ personality to your album.

Sketch #4

Sketch #4 will be picture-perfect for capturing those big school moments. But hold tight, it’ll be coming soon!

Love creating scrapbook layouts from sketches?

Well, get ready and get set — we have a global get-together set in motion! The September Worldwide Virtual Crop is on the horizon! It’s happening Sept. 8-10 (AU 9-11 Sept.), and we really hope you join us and others from the U.S., Canada, Australia and Japan for a scrappy and happy time on the Virtual Crop Facebook Group page! Join in on the fun (and invite others to the page, too!).

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