12 Days of Christmas Ideas: Day 8- Circles & Ovals Blog Hop!

All you had to do was ask! (Several hundred times!) :) One of our top product requests was to bring back the Custom Cutting System Circle and Oval Patterns, and wouldn’t you know it – we did! And, to kick off their intro into our product line in style, our amazing team of Advisors that form our Content Contributors team have put together another sweet blog hop featuring all sorts of fab ideas. We’d also like to welcome our newest contributor, Advisor Noreen Smith, to the team!

Before you send you hopping on your way through the blogs, we wanted to share a couple of fun ideas showcasing the cutest thing on the planet that you can make with the circles – snowmen!

OH, and one other totally fun doodad… because we’re SO excited about these awesome tools being back, we’re giving away one entire Custom Cutting System with all the accessories to one lucky blog hopper! After you’ve visited all the stops along the way in the blog hop, stop back here and leave us a comment on the funnest (yes, that’s a word!) thing you discovered along the way! Friday, December 11 around noon CT, we’ll randomly select one commenter to win this batch of goodies:


Best of luck, and happy hopping!

First up is this totally adorable top-view snowman card. He’s too, too cute!


To create this card, you’ll need:

Step 1: Cut a piece of white cardstock to measure 5.5″ x 11″. Fold in half to create a 5.5″ square card.

Step 2: Cut a piece of grey snowflake pattern paper to measure 5.25″ square, then adhere to front of card.

Step 3: Using CCS with red blade, cut circles from white cardstock as follows: (1) using red blade with outside of medium pattern, (1) using red blade with outside of small pattern, and (1) using red blade with inside of medium pattern.

Step 4: Layer and adhere circles as shown using foam squares.

Step 5: Cut two small strips of blue cardstock to measure approximately .5″ x 1.5″. Cut a “V” shape into one end of each strip, then adhere as shown for scarf.

Step 6: Using scissors, trim small “carrot nose” shape from orange cardstock, then adhere to snowman. Add eyes and mouth using black pen.

Step 7: Cut two “stick arms” from brown cardstock that measure approximately 2″ long as shown:


Step 8: Using scissors, trim “fingers” into tops and trim length of each finger until it looks about right. Adhere stick arms to snowman between bottom and middle circles.

Cute, right?

Next up is this totally fun snow day page layout – just in time for the fluffy stuff that’s due to arrive any time now.


The layout shown above (isn’t peeky Mr. Snowman the cutest?) features simple straight cutting with some circle making that’ll make you giddy! How excited are we all that the circles & ovals templates are back? :)

To create this layout, you’ll need:

Step 1: Adhere blue background piece to white page.

Step 2: Cut a piece of blue cardstock to measure 12″ x 5″ and a piece of white cardstock to measure 12″ x 4.5″. Layer and adhere to page as shown. NOTE: black cardstock was placed where photos would go.

Step 3: Using Custom Cutting System (CCS) and green blade, cut 7 circles from blue cardstock using inside of smallest circle pattern. Using red blade, cut 7 circles from white cardstock using inside of smallest circle pattern. Layer and adhere as shown.

Step 4: Adhere letter sticker to each circle, then adhere across top of page using Foam Squares for added dimension.

Step 5: Using CCS and red blade, cut 1 circle from white cardstock using outside of medium circle pattern. Cut approximately in half, then adhere to bottom of page as shown.

Step 6: Cut a skinny strip and a rectangle, trimming as necessary to fit, for snowman’s hat. Adhere to page.

Step 7: Using scissors, trim small “carrot nose” shape from orange cardstock, then adhere to snowman. Add eyes using black pen.

Step 8: Cut a strip of white cardstock to measure 3″ x 4.5″. Cut a “V” shape into one end to resemble the end of a banner. Adhere to page as shown to finish.

NOW… On to the BLOG HOP! Totally creative inspiration awaits. Here’s the order of blogs you’ll be hopping to – hop right over to Julie’s link, and on each blog you’ll be directed on to the next. Happy hopping!

  1. Julie Tambrini
  2. Diana Brinsley
  3. Stefani Jones
  4. Lisa Graham
  5. Fran Smitherman
  6. Noreen Smith
  7. Candace Bouldin





183 thoughts on “12 Days of Christmas Ideas: Day 8- Circles & Ovals Blog Hop!

  1. Love the ideas! I think the “funnest” though were the snowman, ornaments, and wreath. Bring on the Christmas album!

  2. Lots of great ideas with the circles & ovals, but my favorite was Candace Bouldin’s use of border makers for the hat, eyes, buttons on the snowman, and the clever Christmas tree of layered border maker trees, medallion frame chain, and bubble maker. I would never have thought of that. CL

  3. Love that you are bringing back those well used tools! The bloggers had excellent ideas! I love using more than one tool to make layouts! Thanks!

  4. All the ideas were too awesome to choose a favorite. I can’t wait to work on some pages using some of these ideas. Thank you all for sharing!

  5. Some really cute ideas, but the best funnest was the Christmas Tree. Thanks for alll of the ideas.

  6. The ideas were great! Thanks to all the ladies who shared their talent with all of us. The funnest thing I saw was the circles used to cut the snow man out of the side of the printed paper having the white page show through so fun of an idea to use the printed cut out parts else where or to use with any of the makers!!!

  7. Amazing variety of ideas and inspiration for this fabulous tool. From lemons and ice cream to ornaments and party decorations. The ideas were endless on this blog hop. Creative Memories consultants are the BEST!!! Thanks ladies and thanks CM!!

  8. What a cute winter page with the snowman and the card! It’s simple but quite festive! Thanks for the great prize package for the drawing!

  9. I love the circles and ovals. They are definitely one of my favorites. So glad they are back for sale. I love making Easter egg pictures with the ovals. The circles brighten up any page!! Love all the blog hop samples. Can’t wait to use them on my next pages.

  10. I loved all the ideas, but can definitely see the circle rosettes in my future. Especially liked using the border makers to add detail.

  11. I love all the ideas using the circles, especially the snowmen since I’ve been making Christmas cards using my CM papers, stickers, punches, etc.! Snowmen are the “Funnest!”

  12. It may be too late, but I love the snowman! Great ideas all around. Can’t wait to break out the CCS again!

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