Scrapbook Lunch Box Notes For your Children

A new school year is an exciting time for our kids. As a parent, I always met the first day of school with both anticipation and trepidation. Would my child like her teacher? Would she make friends? Would she be engaged and excited to learn? Would she miss me as much as I would miss her?

To help her (and me) through her first day(s) I would tuck a note inside her lunch box. A sentiment, an “inside” joke, a funny drawing…just to let her know I was thinking about her and make her smile.

Our new Study Buddies Collection makes creating cute and personal lunch box notes fast and easy.

To create them you’ll need:



Select a Slide-In Card and cut it in half along the long side to make two 3″ x 4″ rectangles. Round the corners of one rectangle. Using the Custom Cutting System with the largest circle pattern and blue blade, cut the other rectangle into a circle. Add embellishments and journaling as desired. (You can vary the size of the circle to fit on top of any round snack-size container of fruit, yogurt, etc., and adhere with tape.)


Note with Envelope

Select a Slide-In Card and cut in half along the long side to make one 4″ x 4″ square. Journal as desired.

To make the envelope, cut a 6″ square piece of paper. Draw each corner up to the middle and fold. Use a sticker to hold 3 corners in place. Place note inside.



Treat Boxes

For each, cut a 6″ square piece of paper. Follow the instructions here to make each box.

Journal a note using a scrap of a Slide-In Card and, along with an Embellishment, punch holes and tie around box with twine. Fill with treats!




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