Weekly Sketch Round-Up Aug. 13-17

Your week-long wait has finally paid off — it’s time for a burst of inspiration! Here’s all the sketches that we posted on the @CreativeMemories Instagram page over the last week. Ready to start creating? Try them out for yourself!

Sketch #1

Love the scrapbook layout shown above? Get the instructions here!

Sketch #2

Want to create the Fanatic layout shown above? Get instructions now!

Sketch #3

Curious how to make the military layout above? Get the details here!

Sketch #4

Interested in making the scrapbook layout above? Step-by-step instructions here!

There’s your weekly sketch round-up! Which sketch is your favorite? Comment below and let us know which sketch (or sketches) you plan on using this week!

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14 thoughts on “Weekly Sketch Round-Up Aug. 13-17

  1. I love these ideas and my customers will be so glad to get these weekly. I would love to see more ideas it’s more pictures on the page.

    1. I agree. It is easy to “fluff” up one photo but when you have eight or nine for a two page spread it can be more challenging.

      1. I agree completely! When I was a consultant with the “old CM”, we taught our customers that the focus of your pages should ALWAYS be your pictures, and the decorations were to be secondary. That’s the very best way to create albums…keep your story the center of attention, not how many embellishments you can afford to purchase and stick on the page!

  2. I like them all as well, and occasionally when I want to give a picture special attention or standing, I put it on it’s own page. Sometimes that can have quite an impact in the telling of our stories.

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