#FeatureFriday — Go On an Outback Adventure with the Designer of the Walkabout Collection

There’s adventure out there — have you been taking advantage of it? If so, you can celebrate the memories that you’ve made during your adventures with the new Walkabout collection! This collection has a modern-vintage vibe and features all sorts of Australian-inspired designs and patterns such as nature, maps, iconic building structures and more in a warm and earthy palette of sunset orange, blue, green, salmon, beige and pops of golden yellow. This collection has a ton of amazing fantastical elements to it, which is what makes it such a treat for the eyes. Curious as to what went into creating it? We sat down with Carrie, the designer and illustrator of the collection, to find out what was running through her mind when creating Walkabout. Check it out!

Meet the Designer

For over 15 years, Carrie has worked for CM as a Graphic Designer, Product Illustrator and currently as the Design Manager. Throughout the years, she has honed and mastered her artistic skills, creating original works of art for scrapbooking fanatics worldwide. Other CM collections she has designed include Star-Spangled, Brave, Secret GardenBlack & White, Textiles, Archiver’s, Glacier, Mix & Match, Gather Together, Mermaid Cove and more.


Walkabout-Australia-Travel-Scrapbook-Embellishments-Creative-Memories-4 (1)

What was your inspiration for this collection?

“My inspiration came from the Australian Outback. I wanted to capture some unique qualities of the Australian countryside with a modern-vintage approach.”

Walkabout-Australia-Scrapbook-Paper-Envelopes-Creative-Memories-2 (2)

How would you describe these papers?

“For the paper pack, I tried to capture elements that represent Australia and translate them into patterns. So you’ll see patterns inspired by nature (earth layers, water, sky) and very iconic examples with maps, building structures and postcards.”

Walkabout-Austalia-Scrapbook-Embellishments-Creative-Memories (1)

What makes this collection so unique?

“This collection is unique in that it is a representation of Australia in graphics and slightly vintage format.”

Walkabout-12x12-Navy-Photo-Album-Creative-Memories-1 (1)

What was fun about designing this collection?

“A fun fact for this collection — all patterns are hand-drawn, but the other paper that took the longest is the earth layers! After drawing the initial design, I created about eight different versions of that single paper (with varying color combinations) and settled on a neutral tonal color so that it’s easier to write on and layer papers with. The most color-crazy version I had was a really fun design, but I felt that it would be too hard to scrapbook with!”

Walkabout-Australia-Scrapbook-Paper-Creative-Memories (1)

What can this collection be used for?

“The great thing about this collection is that even though it showcases Australian imagery, the patterns themselves are general enough to use with any type of photo or theme.”

The Walkabout collection is exactly what you need to showcase all your outback and outdoor adventures. What’s your favorite part of this collection? Comment below and let us know!

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  1. I like how well the colors coordinate with the previous Australia-themed paper, Outback Journey. I will use both in my album for our Australia trip, which we are taking later this year.

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