Weekly Sketch Round-Up May 18-22

Inspiration is everywhere — but sometimes, we can go through a creative slump when it may be harder to find motivation or new ideas. (And that’s okay!) But if you’re looking to get some scrappy mojo back into your life, then we’re here to help. You ready for some fun sketches to kick-start your scrapbooking skills? Then let’s get to it. Check out these four sketches from our Instagram page this past week — it’s the Weekly Sketch Round-Up!

Sketch #1

Sketch #1 gives us all the good feels! Learn how to create it by reading this blog post!

Sketch #2

Now this layout lights a creative fire! Find out how to make it in this blog post!

Sketch #3

The great outdoors just got better with this scenic layout! Follow the instructions in this blog post to learn how to make it!

Sketch #4

There’s an open road for creativity with this layout — just read this blog post!

There’s a lot of variety in this Weekly Round-Up — will you be trying out any of these projects this week? If so, which ones? Comment below and let us know!

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  1. When posting, please don’t split a layout onto two pages. It makes it difficult to print them to save for later. I could not manually put in a page break. Thanks!

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