Sketch Round-Up March 21-April 3

How many scrapbook pages would you guess you’ve made in your life? Just a couple dozen? Hundreds? Thousands? Even more?! Well, no matter if you’re a beginner or long-time pro, each page you scrapbook is unique and fun to make! And if you need a boost of inspiration for your 10th or 1,010th scrapbook project, then take a peek at the Sketch Round-Up and keep adding to those albums!

Sketch #1

If you have country-themed photos, then this sketch is the one for you! Just click here to see how to make it yourself!

Sketch #2

Sketch #2 also uses products from the Wide Open Places collection — head on over to this this blog post to see how you can corral your creativity with ease!

Sketch #3

Talk about a wine-derful layout! Check out this idea from a CM blog contributor today!

Sketch #4

This border sure has us feelin’ dandy! Make sure you’re subscribed to the blog (if you’re not already!) to make sure it comes straight to your inbox!

Love creating scrapbook layouts from sketches?

Then mark your calendars for the April Virtual Crop, happening April 8-9 (AU 9-10 April). Join the Virtual Crop Facebook Group page so you’re in the know of what this virtual extravaganza is all about, what some of the awesome prizes are and more!

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