Sketch Round-Up May 3-16

Wow, everyone’s creativity has been out of this world with all the picture-perfect projects and stunning spreads we’ve seen posted throughout this Virtual Crop weekend! You never cease to amaze (and inspire!) us and other scrappers from around the world! Since we’re feeling starstruck, it only makes sense to show off four sketches that feature the Outta This World collection! So let’s continue this crafty momentum and gear up for sketch takeoff — it’s time for the Sketch Round-Up!

Sketch #1

Want to planet a project for the weekend? How about this outer space stunner!? Just follow the step-by-step instructions in this blog post!

Sketch #2

Blast off your creativity by creating this card (as well as some fun borders) — they’re all in this blog post!

Sketch #3

This layout is just another example of what you can dream up with the Outta This World collection — read this blog post to learn how to create it!

Sketch #4

Take flight with another Outta This World beauty — it’s perfect for all types of kid-related memories and photos!

Love creating scrapbook layouts from sketches?

We’re on the final day of the May Virtual Crop! Remember, you have until 11:59pm CT on Sunday, May 16, to submit all the challenges for this event. As for next month, we’re in for a real treat — it’s the Worldwide Virtual Crop on June 10-12 (AU: 11-13 June). Be sure to join our Virtual Crop Facebook Group and save those dates!

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