Sketch Round-Up July 26-Aug. 8

Scrapbooking is difficult.


Scrapbooking can be anything you want it to be! At its core, scrapbooking is a way to preserve memories by combining photos with words that tell a story. And you know what? It’s your story, so your rules apply! You can be as elaborate as you want or as minimalistic as you please. You can bounce ideas off other scrappers for innovative ideas and put your own creative twist on it or you can follow along to a T with online tutorials, videos, Project Recipes™ and many other step-by-step outlets. And here’s another instance that can help drive and promote easy scrapbooking opportunities — the Weekly Sketch Round-Up!

Sketch #1

Take a look at this paw-some border! Make it for yourself by following along to this blog post!

Sketch #2

This beauty of a border features the Animal Tracks BMC, just like Sketch #1! Want to learn how to put it together? Just click on this link and you’ll be directed to the blog post!

Sketch #3

Let’s keep the good times rolling — check out this blog post to see how you can create a thrilling paper folding technique and design for your next project!

Sketch #4

Wow, talk about a dream scene in green! See how you can put this gorgeous one-page layout together with the easy-to-follow steps in this blog post!

Love creating scrapbook layouts from sketches?

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