Worldwide Virtual Crop 2023: Day 1

Calling all croppers! The time has come to kick off the 2023 Worldwide Virtual Crop! We hope you’re all prepped and ready for this multi-day scrapbooking event jam-packed full of sketch challenges, scrapping and a sensational prize!

Creative Memories Advisors from around the world have created layout inspiration for YOU! Each day from Thursday, Sept. 7-Saturday, Sept. 9, you will receive a group of 4 new sketches to create — making a total of 12 challenges for you to take on! Review all posting times here.

Now, let’s get the festivities started with the Day 1 challenges — sketches 1-4!

  • If it’s your first time participating in a Virtual Crop and you’d like a quick walk-through of what to expect before we get started, you can get all the details about Virtual Crops hereRead this post in Japanese ⇒ 日本語はこちらです
  • THIS IS A FREE EVENT. If you see anything asking you to enter credit card information, it is NOT LEGITIMATE.
  • You can participate using traditional scrapbooking productsDigital Artwork and/or Custom Themes from the Creative Memories website. For instructions on participating digitally, please see the bottom of this post.

Japanese Translation: このイベント内で、クレジットカード情報を取得しようとするスパムコメントが投稿されています。本イベントは無料ですので、クレジットカード番号を聞かれても決して入力しないでください。

AND — if you purchased Secret Box #3, you’ll want to scan the QR code on your postcard to get creative inspiration from PD Creative Manager Noreen Smith for using the products from your Secret Box!

The prize for all 12 challenges of the Worldwide Virtual Crop will be the exclusive 12×12 Boysenberry Dotted Stripes Album Cover! Prizes will be awarded to two (2) participants in each challenge — one (1) prize to anyone who completes the sketch using any products on-hand and one (1) prize will be awarded to a participant who includes product(s) from the Secret Box #3. We will award the prizes randomly, but to win, it must be evident that you have used the sketch we provided as inspiration to create a project using predominantly Creative Memories products. Prize winners will be announced on Thursday, Sept. 14, at 3pm CT.

  1. If you haven’t already done so, join the Creative Memories Virtual Crop Facebook Group! You can find instructions on how to join here
  2. During the crop, log in to the Creative Memories Virtual Crop Facebook Group and click on the “Featured” tab to view the pinned post for the challenges. The challenge number will be posted on the sketch.
  3. Click the link for the challenge, which will take you here — our blog. (HINT: If you’ve subscribed to the blog already, the challenges will be emailed to you directly as all other blog posts are and you can skip this step.) The challenge instructions will be posted here on the blog. OR click on “Media” > “Albums” in the Facebook Group to view the sketches there.
  4. Create a layout following the sketches below.
  5. Take a photo of your completed project.
  6. Post the photo of your completed page or spread in the Creative Memories Virtual Crop Facebook Group in a new post AND add the correct hashtag with your post: #2023WORLD1, #2023WORLD2, #2023WORLD3, etc., to the caption/comments. You will add the hashtag that matches the challenge you are submitting. Feel free to use other hashtags as well, such as #CreativeMemories, but BE SURE to include #2023WORLD1, #2023WORLD2, etc., so we can find your post. For Instagram users, you will need to add #2023WORLD1, #2023WORLD2, etc., so your post can be found. 
    • To ensure we see all your submissions for the chance to win, you’ll want to post each layout you complete as its own new post with the hashtag for that challenge.
  7. You have the entire event to submit all 12 challenges but all submissions must be received by Sept. 12 at 11:59pm CTView challenge times in your time zone here. Keep refreshing the Virtual Crop Facebook Group to see others’ masterpieces!

Flag_UnitedStates Worldwide Virtual Crop Challenge #1:

Beth Beller, a long-time Floridian and lover of all things photos, joined Creative Memories in June 1997. She has turned her passion for scrapbooking into her full-time career and enjoys the flexibility and joy it brings to her life.

Created by Beth Beller – Creative Memories AdvisorUnited States

Beth’s Tip: “Don’t be shy about mixing and matching patterns. Find colors in the embellishments you love most and use those as a guide!”

Collection Used: Secret Box #3

Joy Lane is a Jesus follower, Navy wife, boy mom and “Baba” (grandma) of three and enjoys all things involving family, friends and photos. She has been an Advisor for over 30 years, doing what she loves.

Created by Joy Lane – Creative Memories AdvisorUnited States

Joy’s Tip: “When I saw this lovely collection, the Sweet Blossom Trio Punch instantly reminded me of my kamon (Japanese family crest), so I knew that it would be fitting to use for my parents’ photos to honor our heritage. And all the designer paper patterns and sticker icons seem inspired by other family crests, as well. ‘Domo arigato’ to the Creative Memories designers for the best Secret Box ever!”

Collection Used: Secret Box #3

Flag_Japan Worldwide Virtual Crop Challenge #2:

Yumiko Ohno lives in Osaka. She always thought she was not good at making things, so when a friend invited her to a CM class, she was ready to quit after one try! But after being exposed to the personalities of the teachers and everyone in the class, she was completely hooked on the fun of it all. She has been participating in Virtual Crops since September 2020 — she loves the festive atmosphere and feels connected to people from all over the world.

Created by Yumiko Ohno – Creative Memories AdvisorJapan

Yumiko’s Tips:

  • Photo 1) Cut two pieces each in sizes A, B and C.
  • Photo 2) For A and C, you can use one sheet of 12×12 paper to cut the two pieces.
  • Photo 3) Position piece C first to make it appear like a full sheet of paper.
  • Photo 4) Use the outside edge of the smallest Circle Custom Cutting System Pattern with the Red Blade to cut a photo. Use the same pattern and the Green Blade to cut the photo mat.
  • Photo 5) Since the boundary between the base paper and the paper in the forefront was difficult to identify, Yumiko drew a line on the paper with a pen.

Collection Used: Secret Box #3

Tomoko Tanaka lives in Osaka. She has been participating in Virtual Crops since June 2020. She is happy to see people of all countries and ages making albums at the same time and enjoys looking at many pages. She is so grateful to make albums that convey memories and feelings, as well as the community she can share and have fun with.

Created by Tomoko Tanaka – Creative Memories AdvisorJapan

Collection Used: Secret Box #3

Flag_Australia Worldwide Virtual Crop Challenge #3:

Mandy Melville has been scrapbooking for 19 years — since her eldest child was a baby. She now has three children, ranging in age from 8 to 19, and loves documenting her family memories through scrapbooking. Mandy was introduced to scrapbooking by her mum, who has been a Creative Memories Advisor for a number of years. After she invited Mandy to a Creative Memories retreat in 2021, she discovered her love of the products and very soon after decided to join as an Advisor herself!

Created by Mandy Melville – Creative Memories AdvisorAustralia

Mandy’s Tip: “When using a sketch as a guide, don’t feel limited by the orientation of the photos in the sketch. This sketch shows five vertical photos, however, I didn’t have that many vertical photos to use on this layout. I instead used three square photos down the left-hand side and I switched one of the photos on the right for a journalling spot. I still managed to fit five photos on the page, but made the sketch work for the photos that I had.”

Collection Used: Secret Box #3

Robyn Collins started scrapbooking in 2001, following the very sudden death of her mum. She realised she had lots of photos of her, but not much information. This set Robyn on the path of scrapping her photos and journalling for future generations.

Created by Robyn Collins – Creative Memories AdvisorAustralia

Robyn’s Tip: “To make a plain title stand out, use a fine-tip pen to make an edge around it. Use the 12-inch Decorative Trimmer to make lovely wavy lines. To make flowers use different coordinating papers to add contrast.”

Collection Used: Secret Box #3

Flag_Canada Worldwide Virtual Crop Challenge #4:

Trish Delaurier has been a CM Advisor since 2007. She started in the U.S. and then moved to Canada with her husband, where she has worked to grow her CM business. CM has brought her such joy from not only from preserving her photos, but also being able to meet some wonderful women in her new home of Canada.

Created by Trish Delaurier – Creative Memories AdvisorCanada

Trish’s Tip: “Don’t be afraid to turn a sketch if your photos would work better! I turned this one to fit my horizontal photos. A sketch is an inspiration.”

Collection Used: Secret Box #3

Holly Debnam‘s scrapbooking journey began when her son was born 11 weeks premature. The joy she found in creating and the love for her son resulted in a book (or two) for every year of his life. She journals as if she talking to him, and over the years he has asked, “Mom, will you read me a story about ME?!” She has used CM products since the beginning and finally decided to sign on a few years ago. She is so grateful not only for the tools and beautiful supplies to showcase memories, but also for the community of “scrappy friends” who she has met along the way.

Created by Holly Debnam – Creative Memories AdvisorCanada

Holly’s Tips:

  • “I started with a Fast2Fab™ sheet as my base and discovered that the working space wasn’t quite 10″, which is what I needed because I wanted to make sure both of my columns were the same width (5”). So I cut my green geometric piece 5” wide and extended it over the end of the page so that the white column would be 5” as well. That, of course, meant I ended up with a piece larger than 12”. So I trimmed off about a 1/4” from the brown stripes border side.
  • All the borders are pieces cut from the one piece of designer paper. They allowed me to tie in all the colors from this collection.
  • There was table surface in the top part of the picture with my ring, so I used the embellishment to fill in that space.
  • “I used Foam Squares to give embellishments and the title some dimension.
  • “My beautiful ring is not completely focused in the picture, but that’s alright. I remind myself often it’s not about perfect pictures — it’s about incredible memories.
  • “I used a Peekaboo Pocket ™ to provide a space for the incredible story that goes with these pictures.”

Collection Used: Secret Box #3

Want to Try Out the Virtual Crop Digitally?

Check out our demo of how to create your sketch using Custom Refill Pages, Custom Albums or Custom Album Covers. When you complete the sketch, instead of snapping a photo of your layout, take a screenshot and submit it to the Virtual Crop Facebook Group. 

Thanks for joining us! When posting your projects on social media, use #2023WORLD1, #2023WORLD2, etc., and #CreativeMemories to share your excitement! Happy Worldwide Virtual Crop!

Flags from right to left: US, Canada, Australia and Japan

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