Worldwide Virtual Crop 2023: Day 2

Wowza! Everyone has done a superb job scrappin’ away to the first four sketches! Now let’s keep things rolling with the Day 2 agenda — say hello to Challenges 5-8! And remember to check back in tomorrow, Sept. 9, for the final batch of sketch challenges! Review all posting times here.

For a refresher on Virtual Crop instructions, you can get all the details about Virtual Crops hereRead this post in Japanese ⇒ 日本語はこちらです

The prize for all 12 challenges of the Worldwide Virtual Crop will be the exclusive 12×12 Boysenberry Dotted Stripes Album Cover! Prizes will be awarded to two (2) participants in each challenge — one (1) prize to anyone who completes the sketch using any products on-hand and one (1) prize will be awarded to a participant who includes product(s) from the Secret Box #3. We will award the prizes randomly, but to win, it must be evident that you have used the sketch we provided as inspiration to create a project using predominantly Creative Memories products. Prize winners will be announced on Thursday, Sept. 14, at 3pm CT.

Flag_UnitedStates Worldwide Virtual Crop Challenge #5:

Wanda Williams has been an Advisor since 1996 and she loves her community of friends who support each other as they have fun preserving family memories. She has one daughter — also a scrapbooker — a son-in-law, three precious granddaughters and her faithful dog, Buddy.

Created by Wanda Williams – Creative Memories AdvisorUnited States

Wanda’s Tip: “I love using the 2-Way Corner Rounder, not only on my photos, but on my background papers as well to give my layout a softer look.”

Collection Used: Autumn Harvest

Julie Hoffman has been a CM snob since 2004, saving memories of her son, blended family and her 20 years in the operating room. Not only has her passion for Creative Memories given her the tools to preserve stories, but it has also gifted her with friendships that she cherishes today.

Created by Julie Hoffman – Creative Memories AdvisorUnited States

Julie’s Tip: “I created a 3D effect with the balloon punch by punching out multiple strips of cardstock and fussy-cutting out the balloons from the punched strips. Coupled with Foam Tape; they practically float off the page.”

Collection Used: Birthday Bonanza

Here’s another idea on how to use this sketch with the 2023 Secret Box #3 products from CM Japan!

Flag_Canada Worldwide Virtual Crop Challenge #6:

Lydia Gervais is from a small town in northern New Brunswick, Canada. She has been an Advisor with Creative Memories since 2019. She was introduced to scrapbooking by her grandma at a young age, and in this digital age, Lydia recognizes the importance of scrapbooking, just as much as it was when she did it in the ’50s and ’60s. Family, travel and nature are her biggest inspirations for her pages.

Created by Lydia Gervais – Creative Memories AdvisorCanada

Lydia’s Tips:

  • “Use designer paper to make your own embellishments by fussy-cutting various things featured on the paper! Fussy-cutting consists of cutting along the perimeter of the desired shape.”
  • “Don’t hesitate to use mats from the variety mat packs to mat your pictures! And the bigger-sized ones are already the right dimensions for 4×6 pictures — no trimming needed!”

Collection Used: Autumn Harvest

Shannon Matchett has been scrapbooking since she started taking photos with her first camera when she was six. She started using Creative Memories albums and products when attending her first National Scrapbooking Day event in May 2000. Scrapbooking gives her a creative outlet to relive the memories and opportunities to connect with others. She has been an Advisor since 2020 and is now sharing Creative Memories events in her new community of Golden, British Columbia.

Created by Shannon Matchett – Creative Memories AdvisorCanada

Shannon’s Tips:

  • “When using Foam Squares behind a sticker, I first use a cotton swab to apply cornstarch to remove the stickiness from the sticker. This helps to keep the sticker popped up with the Foam Square and prevents the sticker from sticking to the page once the page is in the album.”
  • “When using the Tape Runner, only a little bit is needed!”
  • “The Multi-Purpose Tool is a must-have for using the ABC/123 Letter Stickers!”
  • “The Zero Centring Ruler makes aligning photos evenly on the page especially easy with this layout!”

Collection Used: Set Up Camp

Here’s another idea on how to use this sketch with the 2023 Secret Box #3 products from CM Japan!

Flag_Australia Worldwide Virtual Crop Challenge #7:

Deborah Kozlovic has been scrapbooking since early 2000 and finally became an Advisor in 2015. She loves creating fun layouts and learning new techniques with Creative Memories tools. Deborah loves scrapbooking about her eight children and her five grandkids.

Created by Deborah Kozlovic – Creative Memories AdvisorAustralia

Deborah’s Tip: “If you head over to the CM blog, there are beautiful page layouts waiting to be created. To find a particular layout using a collection or theme, use the search bar — e.g., Mother’s Day or Autumn Harvest.”

Collection Used: Back To School

After falling in love with Creative Memories back in 2003, Melissa Newbould soon became an Advisor and continued to host scrapbooking workshops in Hawkesbury. These workshops continue thanks to the unwavering support of her team. She loves facilitating the preservation and sharing of memories, as well as being a part of the friendships that grow within the CM community. Melissa is a mother and grandma, so she has lots of opportunities to create albums.

Created by Melissa Newbould – Creative Memories AdvisorAustralia

Melissa’s Tip: “Do you love to mat your photos? I do, especially when using designer papers. It frames the photos so they pop on the page. Cut your mat to the photo’s size on your Project Recipe™,
then trim your photos 1/4” from two sides (top or bottom) / (left or right side).”

Collection Used: Scrap Happy 2

Here’s another idea on how to use this sketch with the 2023 Secret Box #3 products from CM Japan!

Flag_Japan Worldwide Virtual Crop Challenge #8:

Asuka Arii first encountered CM during the COVID-19 pandemic and started digitally from the beginning. She quickly got some tools and signed up as an Advisor. She has always loved making things so she was immediately hooked. She loves that her children look at albums as if they were their picture books. Virtual Crops are a great way to connect with people from all over the world and it’s something she looks forward to every month.

Created by Asuka Arii – Creative Memories AdvisorJapan

Product Used: Happy Garden

Yukari Shibata lives in Aichi prefecture. She has always loved taking pictures and making handmade things and was drawn to CM’s albums the moment she came across them. Along with making albums for everyday use, she also started making albums as a teaching tool for her second daughter, who is now three and learning to write. When making albums, her daughters come up beside her and look at them with sparkling smiles, which motivates her even more to make fun albums.

Created by Yukari Shibata – Creative Memories AdvisorJapan

Collection Used: Our Moments

Here’s another idea on how to use this sketch with the 2023 Secret Box #3 products from CM Japan!

Want to Try Out the Virtual Crop Digitally?

Check out our demo of how to create your sketch using Custom Refill Pages, Custom Albums or Custom Album Covers. When you complete the sketch, instead of snapping a photo of your layout, take a screenshot and submit it to the Virtual Crop Facebook Group. 

Thanks for joining us! When posting your projects on social media, use #2023WORLD1, #2023WORLD2, etc., and #CreativeMemories to share your excitement! Happy Worldwide Virtual Crop!

Flags from right to left: US, Canada, Australia and Japan

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