Weekly Sketch Round-Up April 15-19

When it comes to scrapbooking, where do you draw your inspiration from? Do you scroll through Pinterest boards (preferably the CM boards) looking for ideas? Are you struck with new ideas after taking a long walk in your neighborhood? Or is the inspiration always there as you look through your pictures? Regardless of however you get inspired, you can always rely on the Weekly Sketch Round-Up for layout ideas that you can channel your inspiration and ideas into. Check it out!

Sketch #1

Curious how to make the Outdoor Blues layout above? Get the details here!

Sketch #2

ImagineThat_Border2_Sketch (1)ImagineThat_Border2 (1)

Love the Imagine That! scrapbook border shown above? Get the instructions here!

Sketch #3

MermaidCove_Border2_Sketch (1)MermaidCove_Border2 (1)

Love this Mermaid Cove border? Get instructions on how to make it here!

Sketch #4

Want to learn how to make this Easter layout? Get instructions here!

No matter where you get your inspiration, we hope that you’re able to use these layout sketches to channel your creativity and fuel it in a productive way! Which one of these sketches will YOU try this week?

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