Sketch Round-Up March 15-28

Inspiration is everywhere — the creative genius from fellow Advisors and customers, the blog, noticing the surroundings and features around you and more! Are you looking for some fresh ideas to tap your scrapbook skills and savviness toward? Well, you’re in the right spot — it’s time for the Sketch Round-Up! Check out these four sketches below — two from the Staycation collection and two with Keep the Faith products — but they are all winners! See for yourself below!

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Sketch Round-Up March 1-14

Where does your mind drift off to when you see a new sketch or layout idea? Are you envisioning what photos would nestle onto the page? Or is your mind thinking of the punches, embellishments or stickers you’ll incorporate to jazz it up and make the project your very own? Perhaps you ask yourself, “When can I set aside some ‘me-time’ to make this idea a reality?” No matter where your mind meanders to, channel any and all of those thoughts right now, for it’s time for the Sketch Round-Up! What will you concoct with these four sketches?

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Make the Most of Your Papers With This Earth Scrapbook Layout

Have you ever had scrapbooking paper that was so beautiful that you wanted to make the most of its pattern and palette and to not leave any scraps behind? Blog contributor Noreen Smith loves the Emerald Gemstone papers… so much so that she made a layout that uses just one sheet of Emerald Gemstone paper, yet is undeniably full of intrigue and interest! (P.S. You can create this one-page wonder with any CM collection!) Check out this Earth scrapbook layout below to see how Noreen did it!

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Weekly Sketch Round-Up Feb. 22-26

February may be the shortest month of the year, but that doesn’t mean there was any shortage of fun, awesome, stunning sketches ideas on our Instagram! This week, we posted four fantastic projects on our page (@CreativeMemories), and we’re here to share them all with you in one crafty place. Here’s your Weekly Sketch Round-Up!

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This Natural Scrapbook Layout Is a Blue-Green Dream Scene

Cool shades — blues, greens and purples — can evoke a calming, soothing, serene feeling and may also remind us of things like water, grass and bright, clear skies. And if you’re looking to find a collection that packs a palette that does just that, then the appropriately named Emerald Gemstone collection has the hues for you. Dive into your next project with this natural scrapbook layout that will make your albums look cooler.

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Weekly Sketch Round-Up Feb. 8-12

Talk about a party — the February Virtual Crop has been an absolute blast! Let’s keep the celebratory momentum going, shall we? Below are four projects that all gift a grand presence thanks to the Party Time! collection and some festive punches. Get ready for a great time and extra-good vibes — here is your Weekly Sketch Round-Up!

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Weekly Sketch Round-Up Feb. 1-5

As many of you may know, this upcoming weekend we’ll be holding the February Virtual Crop, which will be jam-packed, joyous time, from the Secret Box reveal before the event starts to the six awesome sketch challenges throughout the weekend, chances to win great prizes, connecting with other scrappers like you and so much more! But before we dive into all those cropping delights, do you feel like you need a warm-up to get prepped and ready? If so, you’re in luck with the Weekly Sketch Round-Up for there are four sketches to stretch your creative muscles!

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Weekly Sketch Round-Up Jan. 25-29

One, two, three, four… here are sketches you’ll adore! Okay, rhyming aside, today’s Weekly Sketch Round-Up is filled with four awesome project ideas that are just waiting for you to try out! Gather up your supplies, hunker down and get comfy, and let’s start the week off on a great creative note!

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Rays Your Standard With This Sunshine Scrapbook Layout

Vitamin D is good for your bones, body and brain, and the sun is one of the best sources to soak up this nutrient, also fittingly called the “sunshine vitamin!” If you’re looking for a vitamin D-lightful opportunity, then the Sunshine Recipe Template will help you radiate new ideas into your albums! And when you pair it with the Boho Escape collection, you’re in for even more warm wonders! Bask in this sunshine scrapbook layout below and give it a glowing go!

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Artful Aspirations in Two Ways With These Scrapbook Layout Ideas

Some people may say you can’t rush art, but you can complete stunning scrapbooking art in a matter of minutes! It’s true! Blog contributor Noreen Smith used the same basic supplies and groundwork — two pieces of paper from the beautiful Art Nouveau Paper Pack, as well as stickers and the fabulous Mandala Burst Border Punch — to create two beautiful layout opportunities. One is more simple and straightforward, while the other is simply fabulous and exudes some intricate intrigue… but both can stand on their own as works of art! Check out these scrapbook layout ideas below and let your artsy side shine!

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