Focus on the Big Picture with this Scrapbook Layout Stencil

Have you ever found yourself wanting a bit of guidance when you sit down to create a layout? Maybe you want some help designing layouts that look polished and professional? Allow us to offer a helping hand with our collection of Recipe Templates! The latest and greatest one, the Frame It Up Recipe Template, is the perfect way to put together layouts worthy of the spotlight — check out these three examples and see for yourself!

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How To Use Recipe Templates

Do you ever find yourself wanting to create more complex and colorful scrapbook layouts, but don’t want to try and freehand something and risk it looking cluttered or disorganized? If that sounds familiar, we’ve got something you’ll love… Recipe Templates! Recipe Templates are the perfect tool for creating intricate, professional-looking scrapbook layouts. In today’s post, you’ll get the 411 on Recipe Templates, including what they are, how to use them and – of course – examples of the layouts you can make! Let’s take a look!

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